Inspirational Women: Dame Jacqueline Wilson

Earlier this year, our inner 12 year-old selves squealed with excitement when we got the chance to speak to one of our favourite childhood authors, Dame Jacqueline Wilson. For most of us 90s kids Jacqueline was kind of like a second mum growing up, teaching us all about the ways of teenage life and she […]

Inspirational Women: Lucy Prebble

When Lucy Prebble graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2002 she found herself in a bit of a pickle. She’d already written a couple of successful productions that were showcased in the university drama studio and had a degree in English to-boot. However, she wondered whether it was time to get a ‘real job’ or follow […]

Photo Courtesy of Moyan Brenn

The Wrath of P.U.D (Post-Uni Depression)

This summer has probably been the hardest and most gruelling summer of my entire life. I’m someone who has always had the get up and go, big dreams and a bagful of energy. However, the trials and tribulations of finding a graduate job have left me feeling quite frankly deflated and like a lost puppy. […]

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10 Fab Things To See At The Fringe

By Emma If you’re sunning it up somewhere exotic then I’d like to tell you that you’re officially in the wrong place. I mean, it’s AUGUST, therefore you should be in Edinburgh drinking a pint out of a plastic cup in the pouring rain at the Fringe. To those of you who aren’t acquainted with […]

Up & Grad Girls

Dear lovely readers, After a combination of stress and sunshine (exams and then copious amounts of holidaying…) Up & Go Girls are delighted to announce that we’re back on the block of the blogosphere! Last week we donned the Harry Potter-esque cap and gown combo and officially became graduates from The University of Sheffield (hurrah!). […]

RECIPE: Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies

By Morwenna Having recently moved back into the comfort of my parents’ home, I have been able to rediscover my love for baking in a fully-equipped kitchen! To curb a chocolate craving and to help get through the mountains of raspberries growing out in the garden, I whipped up some chocolate and raspberry brownies. Ingredients […]

The 14 Best Things About Being Home Alone

By Emma Obank As soon as your family leave the house are you the kind of person who runs upstairs to watch and participate in a YouTube tutorial on twerking? Sometimes there is nothing better than being home alone and here are our 14 favourite things about being left to a bit of peace and […]

Sophie Bevan: Soprano

By Morwenna Francis & Emma Obank Back in February, we had the amazing opportunity to meet Sophie Bevan at an opera singing workshop at the University of Sheffield. Named ‘Young Singer of the Year’ at the 2013 International Opera Awards, Sophie is the most modest world-famous soprano you’ll ever meet and was an absolute delight to speak to during […]

Inspirational Women: Miriam González Durántez

By Emma Obank As clichéd as it may be to begin an article about an inspirational woman with a motivational quote, I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway as I believe that it is important: A wise man once said, “don’t tell me that the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on […]

Our Top 8 Ways to Save Money as a Student (without living off baked beans)

By Morwenna Francis With it being National Student Money Week this week, we’ve decided to put together our favourite money saving tips for students. Although many of you will already do the following, or they may seem like common sense, it is amazing how much money us students manage to waste! Read on to find […]

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Inspirational Women: Carrie Longton, Co-Founder of Mumsnet

By Emma Obank  Last year I was given the following career advice: “write to the person who is doing what you want to do best and ask them for five minutes of their time. The worst that can happen is that they say no!”. The person who spoke these wise words was none other than Carrie Longton, the […]

Recipe: Baked Blueberry Cheesecake

By Morwenna Francis & Rachel Howell Although this may not be as student-budget-friendly as some of our previous recipes, this recipe was just too delicious to not share with you! This is definitely not a dessert to make in a rush as it takes several hours to cool properly, however it is worth the wait. […]

Recipe: Microwave Coffee & Walnut Cake

By Morwenna Francis & Rachel Howell While I’ll never be converted to cooking everything in the microwave, this recipe is excellent for anyone who doesn’t have an oven (like many of our friends did not when living abroad) or needs to make a cake in a rush – this takes literally 20 minutes! This was […]

Challenge Yourself: Fitness February

For us students, February is when the New Year really begins. For the last four years we have spent our January living in the library for 12 hours a day, revising, writing essays and eating meal deals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, you can see why this would have been completely the wrong time […]

Recipe: Falafel

By Morwenna Francis & Rachel Howell As part of my ‘try a new recipe every other week’ new year’s resolution, I’ve been going a bit kitchen-mad recently! This week I thought I’d try to make simple, but delicious falafel. This recipe requires a food mixer but being the poor student that I am, I popped round […]

Anne McHale: Master of Wine

By Morwenna Francis & Emma Obank This week’s Career Guide interview comes from Anne McHale, a Master of Wine. “What an earth is a Master of Wine?” we hear you cry. Well, we asked the exact same thing! And for those of you out there with an interest in wine, this is definitely not one […]

Recipe: Coconut Chicken Curry

By Morwenna Francis Having been treated to a similar dish last week by a lovely friend after a hard day of essay-writing, I decided to treat my housemate to my own attempt. This super tasty and super-easy curry can be whipped up in less than 20 minutes so it’s a perfect end to a busy […]

Megan Kamerick on Under-representation in the Media

By Emma Obank and Morwenna Francis  It’s officially here! Our first inspirational interview of 2014. And with none other than Megan Kamerick! A journalist and radio producer from Albuquerque, New Mexico and a former president of the Journalism and Women Symposium, Megan has a keen interest in unearthing untold stories. Megan first caught our eye […]

UAGG’s 2013 in Photos

2013 has been a hugely roller coaster year for both of us here at UAGG and involved a lot of travelling. In January we both moved to Spain to start the second part of our year abroad where Morwenna was working on the Costa del Sol and Emma was studying in Valencia. Although we were […]

Professor Elena Rodríguez-Falcon: “Think of an Engineer”

By Emma Obank Our last and final inspirational woman of 2013 is none other than Sheffield University’s very own Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon. Elena is a mechanical engineer and has more awards and degrees than anyone we’ve ever met. After having spoken to the Women in Engineering Society earlier on this year we have became increasingly […]

Our Top 5 Winter Weekend Destinations

By Morwenna Francis With Christmas just over a week away, I’m looking forward to getting home to unlimited heating, magically self-refilling fridges and cuddles with my cats. However, as a someone who seems to have made a habit of Christmas city breaks, I thought it highly apt to share a list of my favourite past […]

10 Women Who Inspired Us in 2013

By Emma Obank & Morwenna Francis  With only thirteen days until Santa hops on his sleigh, we thought we should share our list of the women who we think have made a positive impact this year. Role models are important to us at Up & Go Girls as they are what the next generation aspire to. So […]

Virginia Stuart-Taylor: Languages Graduate & Travel Blogger

By Morwenna Francis This week’s career guide comes from the lovely multi-talented Virginia Stuart-Taylor. A Modern Languages graduate and advocate for all things year-abroad and languages related, Virginia is a girl after our own heart. She is currently working for Telefónica on their European Leadership Graduate Programme, as well as running her award-winning travel blog, […]

The Up & Go Girl Guide to CV Writing

By Emma Obank One page or two? Bullet points or prose? To state that references are available upon request or to provide contact details? These are all questions that cross our minds when we sit down to write our CVs. As t’is the season of graduate scheme deadlines, we thought it was high time we […]

Love in Paris

10 Reasons to Learn a Language

By Morwenna Francis Being a monolingual nation means that we are a minority in today’s world where over 90% of the population speaks at least one other language additional to their mother tongue. This is embarrassing statistic provokes indignation in all linguists who are constantly having to prove that at least some of us Brits […]

Apples and Pears Supper Club

Student by Day, Supper Clubber by Night: Eve Hemingway

By Emma Obank  We live in a world where most of our meals are served with a ‘ping’ of a microwave. With the hustle and bustle of city life, we often tell ourselves that we haven’t got the time to slave away in the kitchen and we consequently sign up to various hip companies who […]

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A Careers Chat and a Sandwich with CEO of ITN, John Hardie

By Emma Obank  I really need to start buying lottery tickets as last week I was lucky enough to win yet another competition with Go Think Big. Instead of asking Fiona Bruce about her panache for news reading, this time I got to fire a few questions at the head honcho of another news organisation: […]

Top Ten Tips To Surviving The Bitter Cold

By Emma Obank  We’re officially half way through November. For students across the UK, November is arguably the most depressing month of them all. The uni work is starting to pile up, it’s so cold that you can see your own breath in your mould-infested badly-insulated house, and your pot noodle diet probably means you’re […]


Challenge Yourself: Go #BearFaced For Children in Need

By Emma Obank This Friday Up & Go Girls went make-up and insta-filter free to take part in Children in Need’s BearFaced campaign. Several celebrities, such as Michelle Dockery, Kimberley Walsh, Fiona Bruce and Rachel Stevens, also joined in the fun by posing for a make-up free photoshoot with world famous photographer, Rankin. Children in Need’s challenge […]

Photo Courtesy of BBC

Fiona Bruce: BBC Newsreader, Journalist and Television Presenter

By Emma Obank and Morwenna Francis This inspirational woman needs no introduction as you’re most likely familiar with her work. In fact, she is probably a regular house guest at dinner time when you sit down to catch the Six O’Clock News. As one of Britain’s most accomplished journalists, Fiona Bruce is usually the one […]